Your data is precious.

More precious than diamonds, really. Why? It’s personal. It belongs to you, and if it’s not guarded carefully, it can easily fall into the wrong hands. You’ve heard the stories. Tons of companies abuse data. It’s why the CCPA and GDPR laws were passed to protect people from having their private data shared.

You’re in charge.

The only person who owns your data — is you. 

That’s why we practice Fair Trade Data® collection. Like ethically sourced coffee, clothes and beautiful jewelry—it means we care deeply for — and protect your data. It’s why we pay for your feedback in cold…hard…cash. 

As soon as you take one of our surveys, your money is deposited in an account. It sits there safely and protected until you’re ready to take it out. But there’s more to it, than that.

Your data is also anonymized.

Once we’ve made that deposit to your account, we go straight into declassifying your data. That’s a fancy way of saying: we make sure it can’t be traced to you. No personal information will ever be included in the survey replies you give us.

After cleaning your data, the opinions go straight to your favorite brands.

They use the data to create a better customer experience for you. This means deciding what to make, how to advertise, and where to stock in-store and online. Your feedback directly impacts their ability to create more of the things you love.

Your opinions matter. 

Share your data with people who pay for it, protect it — and help you share it with the brands you love. Your data deserves to be treated fairly. And, it’s why Surveys On The Go® will always pay you in cash, for all data you provide. 

Start earning cash today.