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You deserve a quality app, it's easy to use — and pays on time.


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We pay you — in cash. That’s honest. That's Fair Trade Data®.


Fair Trade Data® means you decide how to share. Your data, your rules.

The best way to earn cash—fast.

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Why we pay cash for your data.

It's 2011.

People are spending hours on their phones.

Suddenly, a man has an idea.

He sees a way for you to earn cash. For being on your phone. It’s a survey app, so you can take surveys on the go, and earn cash for your feedback. It’s the future of market research.

That man is our founder.

He knows that companies care what you think. And, he’s been bringing brands and buyers together for 10 years. The reason he started the company, is still why we pay cash for your data. Because it’s the right way to research.

See — big brands need you.

They need feedback. And, they get it by sending you a survey. It's easy, when you have a survey app. You get paid. They get your feedback in real time. All while you live life. That's Surveys On The Go®. A way to earn cash while having fun.

Here’s why Surveys On The Go® is unique.

We were the first company to ever pay cash.

Your data is precious. And, we don’t think survey points are compelling. You don’t either, right? No, cash is king. You know that. So, you have our promise. We’ll always pay fairly for your data.

 It’s Fair Trade Data®.

And it’s how we built this company. So, if you’re ready to earn a little side cash, welcome to the team. Join the millions of Americans who have a little side hustle.

Join millions – get a survey side hustle.

  1. Visit the app store.
  2. Download Surveys On The Go®.
  3. And, start earning cash right now.

Now, sit back, and start earning cash.

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What they’re saying.

I’ve been using Surveys On The Go® for about five years now. It works! I have earned hundreds and hundreds of dollars with the app. I’d recommend it, just because it’s so flexible. It fits however you want to use it.


This is actually a pretty cool and decent app where you can make great cash. The support team is really good at handling issues. The payouts are quick. I recommend this app!!!!!!!!

Stacey Roberts

This is the quickest and highest paying app I’ve come across for answering surveys. I do one or two surveys a day and was able to cash out $20 in 2-3 weeks.

Andrew Sottile

This is the only app I’ve come across that is legit!! In less than 3 weeks I’ve cashed out twice, once for $11, & the second was for $30. Right to my PayPal. I’m so happy I came across this app!!!!!! Would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to make a couple of dollars on the side!!

Alexis Hanna

How to make more cash.

So, you want to earn cash.

And you’re probably asking right now, how do I make the most cash on this app? Good question. Here you go:

  1. Allow location services.
  2. Allow app + web services.
  3. Answer all the surveys you get.
That’s it.
When you select to “allow location services” for the app, the app knows where you’ve been. That’s how you get the highest paying surveys. Why? Brands like to get your input while it’s still fresh. So, when you turn it on, they’ll pay you a lot more.
Now, answer the surveys.
Usually, you’ll end up with quite a few. Take your time as you go through them. Answer the questions honestly. It’s your input these brands are looking for. The more surveys you answer, the more cash you earn. Check in every day to see which surveys are open.
The last little secret is time. The people who earn the most cash are always checking the app. They go out and bring their phones with them. As they’re going through their day they start to qualify for surveys, just by going to the store, the mall, or a gas station.
Over time, you’ll rack up a good amount of cash. And, the moment you hit $10, you can cash it out. Or, save it up over time. Whether you’re saving up for gifts, looking for some side cash, or like to spend your time doing something productive—you’ll love this app.
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