Earn cash.

It's easy.

That’s why you’re here. You want cash. And you have data. That’s really all you need to get paid. But, of course, there’s more to Fair Trade Data® with Surveys On The Go®, so here are all the details. Feel free to dig in 😉

Basically, there are 5 steps to earn cash:

Step 1

Choose to share data.

We were the first company to pay cash for your data.

You know cash is king. So, you have our promise. We’ll always pay you fairly for the data you share.

Ready to start earning? Go to step 2.

Step 5 - Cash Out
Step 1 - Go to App Store
Step 2

Go to the app store.

Go to the app store. 

Type in “Surveys On The Go”. You’ll see a 4.5 star rating and over a million downloads. Why? Cuz everyone loves cash. Read the reviews. It rocks.

Then, download the app, in step 3.

Step 3

Download Surveys On The Go®.

Click “install” on the app.

Once installed, go to “Open.” Sign up—which is easy with email or Facebook. Be sure to ALLOW ALL location settings, for the highest paying surveys.

Next, take surveys, in step 4.

Step 2 - Download Surveys On The Go®
Step 3- Take Surveys
Step 4

Take surveys.

We’re ready for you 😊

Make cash quickly. We’ve got a couple surveys already waiting, to get you started. So, open them up, and fill in your replies. Time to make money.

Start earning cash, in step 5.

Step 5

Earn cash.

Each survey you take pays cash.

Many people earn hundreds of dollars. It’s up to you. The more you move around and use your phone—the more surveys you’ll be eligible for.

Step 4 - Earn Cash

And, remember to “allow location services” for the app. That’s how you get the highest paying surveys. We call it digital sharing.

 Why? Brands like to get your input while it’s still fresh. When you’re walking out of a grocery store, a retail chain, or the mall. 

So, be sure to:

Allow location services.

Answer all the surveys you get.

Keep tabs on how much you’ve earned.

How to get MORE cash.

You get 3 types of surveys.

Here they are:

  1. Store surveys.
  2. App + web surveys.
  3. Standard surveys.

Easy cash, here.

These are surveys about the stores you shop at: convenience, grocery, retail, department—any store you shop at. 

Download Surveys On The Go® and turn on “Location Services” to get them.

Here’s why they pay so well. Brands like to know about your experience at their locations, so they pay more to get that info while you’re still inside, or just leaving. And, here’s how it works.

You’re going to turn on “Location Services” on the app. This will tell us when you’ve hit a store with a survey. You’ll get a notification from the app. It’ll tell you how much the survey is worth. Tap it quickly, before the survey expires.

That’s it. Now, your account gets cash for the survey.


Get paid for being online.

These are surveys about the apps you use. And, the websites you visit. Anytime you’re on your phone, you can get a survey.

Download Surveys On The Go® and turn on “Location Services” to get them.

Here’s why they pay so well. Brands want to understand what you think about their apps. And their websites. So, they’re paying to find that out while you’re still on your phone—and can remember why you visited a certain app or website.

How it works. Turn on “Location Services” on the app. So, when you hit an app or a website, we’ll know. You’ll get a notification that there’s a survey. It’ll tell you how much the survey is worth. Tap it quickly, before the survey expires. Get cash.

These surveys don’t require any special settings.

They’re given to everyone. So, they will have a smaller dollar value, but they also happen frequently. 

To qualify, download the Surveys On The Go® app. That’s it. 

We’ll send you standard surveys as they come through. It’s that easy.

More precious than diamonds.

Your data is more precious than diamonds.

That’s why we practice Fair Trade Data® collection. Like ethically sourced coffee, and beautiful jewelry—it means we care deeply about the data we collect, and how.

We protect your data. It’s anonymized and paid for—you earn cash. That’s important because many survey companies get data in ways that they shouldn’t. That’s why you have our promise to always treat you fairly.

Surveys On The Go® will always pay cash for your opinions.

You matter.

So does your data.

It has value. Treat it right. Share it with the people who will pay you for it.

Protect your data—and use it help the brands you love. It's easy, start now with Surveys On The Go®.

Download the app.

We value you, and your privacy.

Do Not Sell My Info” means we do this:

  1. Your account stays active.
  2. No personal information is sold.
  3. Is now only eligible for non-personal information surveys.

To request data access, delete, or opt out of selling your personal data, go on the Surveys On The Go® mobile app. Or, call 1-800-418-9018.

Download now.