You’re busy.

Especially now. The pandemic showed all of us how great you can be at multitasking – shout out to my parents who worked at home with the kids! 💪

So, you don’t have a ton of time.

That’s fine.

You can still earn cash taking surveys.

Really…the Surveys on The Go® app goes where you do. That’s the best part about an app, it’s as mobile as you are – pun intended 😘

Taking a trip to the mall?

Cool, you’ll qualify for any surveys attached to the stores there. Headed to the grocery store? Sweet – another great place to pick up surveys.

You get the point.

All you have to do is download the app and say “yes” to “allow location settings.” That’s how we know to send you location-based surveys. It’s really that easy. We follow your lead. 

You get surveys, while you’re out living your life. So, no matter how active, or busy you are, you can still earn cash with this survey app. 

And, here’s the best part.

You qualify for all three types of surveys: store, online and standard. 

Man looking at phone in store

#1. Store surveys

These surveys ask about the stores you shop at.

Once you turn on “Location Services”, you’ll automatically qualify for store surveys in your area. Tap the app, and fill it in, once it hits your phone.

That’s it. We’ll send the cash straight to your account.

#2. Online surveys

And, get paid for being online too. These surveys ask about the apps you use and the websites you visit. Anytime you’re on your phone, you can get a survey.

Like the store surveys, you’ll need to download Surveys On The Go® and turn on “Location Services” to get them.

Then, as you do your normal scrolling, you’ll get a notification for surveys. Act quickly, before the survey expires, and earn cash. It’s that easy.

Woman looking at phone at home
Man looking at phone

#3. Standard surveys

These surveys are sent to everyone, regardless of location settings. So, they pay less — but happen often. Be sure to keep a look out.

To qualify for these surveys, all you need is the Surveys On The Go® app. That’s it. We’ll send you standard surveys as they come through. 

Earn cash now.