It’s time.

You look down at your phone and realize you’re getting close to the end of the month. 

Bills are coming due — and it’s time to earn some extra cash. Cool, you’re in luck, because it’s really easy to earn cash, just for taking surveys.

Man leaving store

Here’s how it works.

  1. Go to the app store.
  2. Search for, andd download Surveys on The Go®.
  3. Clik on “allow location services” for the Surveys on The Go®  app. 

That’s it.

Now, you’ll qualify for the highest paying surveys. 

Here’s why. When you turn on “Location Services,” we can see that you’ve been to a store where there’s a survey. 

As you leave, we can send the survey straight to you.

You’ll get a notification on the survey and how it’s worth.

Tap it quickly, before the survey expires. Now, you can earn extra cash, for taking a survey about a store you just left.

Pretty cool.

But, what’s even better is that this survey pays MORE than a regular one. 

Why? Brands like to get your input while it’s still fresh. When you’ve just left a grocery store, or the mall — you can remember what happened better. Brands really like that, because it means they can make better decisions.

You’ll like that too — because you earn more cash taking surveys.

Everyone wins.

So, be sure your phone always has “allow location services” turned on for the Surveys on The Go® app. That way, the next time you’re leaving a restaurant or walking out of a gas station — you’ll earn more cash.

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